Why We Rebranded Our Brand To Our Slogan Embrace Your Fear

Why We Rebranded Our Brand To Our Slogan Embrace Your Fear

From the start the vision was always clear. The Drive was there, and also the passion. SIX6SIX was the name that I came up with because it represented Fear to its purest core. The message was that we wore fear on our chest and we never let it stop us. We would Embrace our fear no matter what we feared. That was the vision for the name. Since we started in 2018 a lot of people would always occasionally tell me that I should change my name, that it wouldn't work. I would kindly always disagree.

I had a dream where we were going to be the brand that "Turned The Darkness Into Light" and, I was going to stick with it. That was my ego talking. That was pride. Fast forward to January, 18 2021, I had to take a step back and see the bigger picture. What did the brand represent and what was the ultimate purpose. Then I realized that it's a lifestyle brand. The message was always clear and loud. Embrace your fear. I didn't need to prove to anyone that SIX6SIX would never work because it already did. As a brand with a controversial name. We were able to get extremely far and connect with people of faith and have a collaboration with the UFC GYM in Rosemead CA.

What I'm trying to say Is that this brand was created to help people. It was intended to reach the masses. Embrace your fear is a lifestyle brand with a deep message. It was created to help everyone no matter what your color, gender, height is. It's meant to inspire and help you get out of the dark hole your in. It's meant to inspire you to follow your dreams. Everything about this brand is about the people.

Embrace your fear or EYF for short is who we are and what we stand for. We will forever remain that.

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