Love is the answer, but is there something we’re missing?

Love is the answer, but is there something we’re missing?

Well, by now I know you guys and girls know that love is the answer. If you didn't know, well... let me tell you why. Love is what will bring humans together to stop war and destruction. The moment that we all start loving each other and not looking at strangers as enemies, we will definitely come together. To me, love is the answer, but what if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? What if you find that right someone? Is what you feel for her, love? or is it something else? Love is a word that is used in many forms. We can say we love  our mom, dad, brother, sister, family, or just a friend we really care about.

However, what if what we feel, for a special someone,is a completely different emotion? a specific word, that we have yet to come up with, to describe this special feeling. There are people that have been with multiple partners and it gets to the point where they end up telling them that they love them. To me, there's definitely something missing.

Let's get to the point of this blog now. Can we please come up with a word not yet invented? Love is a sacred word. Love will forever be the answer. It is what we all must look for. Now, can we please come up with a new word for our significant others or should I just come up with it?

That is my goal.

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