Passion Is The Grim Reaper Of Depression

Passion Is The Grim Reaper Of Depression

If your reading this right now, thank you. First and foremost I want to say that this will be one of the most important blogs I will ever write. Although EYF is a apparel brand, it's not just a brand, its a lifestyle. It's meant to spread the word that even though you might be alone, depressed, feel like you may never accomplish anything or you feel like you’re  not good enough, you most definitely are.

How do I know this? I myself used to be depressed, tried killing myself 2 times and even plotted my own death. Sounds really crazy right? Well it’s not. To be honest, I believe its because most humans don't bother to speak up about it. Although I understand its extremely hard to, that's one of the main reasons Embrace Your Fear was created. To give voice to those not strong enough to speak up. Don't worry, you are not alone.

Now, let me tell you what got me out of depression, it was passion. Having passion for a subject I was deeply in love with backed up by goals, purpose, and vision. When I started to have a passion in my life, everything started to get less heavier. It was as if someone had opened my eyes because I had them shut. My mind started expanding. Before Passion came into my life, everything was dark. Of course, I would have my good days but everything was always a cycle. It was boring.

Then it hit me. One of the reasons that I was always so down was because I had no real purpose in my life. I had no direction. I was just another person just drifting and drifting with no GPS of where I was going. I was listening to a podcast and this successful entrepreneur Edwin Arroyave said how "If you don't have a purpose in your life and aren't solving problems, you will self destruct and create problems". That shit right there, read it over and over until it gets imprinted in your mind. That's exactly what had happened to me.

I would go to work Monday through Friday, hated it. The weekend came and I would drink my life away. Then it came to the point where I started drinking Monday through Friday and through the weekends. I was just doing me. It never had occurred to me that I had no real purpose in my life. There was nothing driving me. I was looking for excitement in all the wrong places.

That's why its extremely important that you find your passion, or at least find something that you love. Set some goals but make it a lifestyle. Yes, it's cool to get motivated, but motivation only last a while then dies off. Motivation is the start of things. Don't ever think that you can't. Don't think that I am different than you. You and me are one of the same. Just different back stories. 

I didn't graduate High School. I wasn't ever good at anything. I've gotten multiple DUI's, cheated, hurt my family emotionally, gotten into fights, robbed, been to county jail, done drugs. No bullshit, I've done it all in my short life of 31 years. If you’re in a dark place right now and can't speak up about it, give yourself some time and courage. For the mean time start to try different things. It doesn't matter if you fail at it. Just try it. Most humans wont even bother trying anything, instead they waste their energy thinking how they are not doing anything which takes up the same energy as if you’re  actually doing something. By the way, this is something I have personally been through before, many times.

Embrace Your Fear or EYF was created to help you follow your dreams through example. It was created to remind you that fear and darkness are always present but instead of walking away from it and feeding it, we must embrace it and walk towards it. The darkness will never win! Embrace Your Fear!

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