The passionate meaning behind our Woods t shirt design.

The passionate meaning behind our Woods t shirt design.

When designing a graphic, we always make sure that there is some sort of inspiration behind it. A deeper meaning. We have a lot of designs we have come up with in the last couple of years.

But lets talk about our Woods t shirt. This design means so much to us. So let me explain why. The wolf represents drive!, hunger!, passion!, vision!. The wolf leads in a pack, but isn't afraid to be alone. It's always striving forward, the wolf never stops. Wolves are beast! Now for our character. Our character the reaper. The reaper represents death but it's smiling. It's smiling because it isn't afraid of death. kinda ironic although cause it's a reaper. It's smiling because it found it's passion.

The face is split in two. It represents the Yin and Yang. It stands for balance. Balance is everything in life. Whether your chasing a dream, finding love, working on your goals or just your daily life. Balance is essential in life.

The fire represents the fire that burns within you when you unlock your drive. You might hear at times when talking about passion or having a drive that you feel this fire within your gut. Well that fire is energy. That is what the fire represents.


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